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Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca PWC

Rebecca came to Willaid through her NDIS funding after having seating difficulties with her current powered wheelchair. Rebecca who has spina bifida and pronounced kyphosis of her spine was struggling to stay seated in her current wheelchair due to discomfort in the backrest. Over time the foam inserts in Rebecca’s back rest, initially there to […]

Dreamline BAC System

Dreamline BAC

Maintaining correct posture in a wheelchair is one of the key elements to achieving improvement in mobility, functional performance, increased energy efficiency and the reduced risk of long-term health issues, just to name a few. It is important to remember the definition for ‘correct posture’ as it is individual for everyone and the wheelchair user […]

New Product: Dreamline Cushions

Dreamline G3 Cushion

Our lastest featured cushion will be listed soon but for now check out the Dreamline G3 Cushion, it is a redefined gel cushion with mild contouring, designed for an active user with moderate-to-high pressure management needs. The Dreamline G3 Cushion offers the support and benefit of gel without the maintenance and potential risks of a […]