Kerry’s Story

Kerry's Story

If you want some positivity in your life then meet our client Kerry! Kerry sustained an accident 10 years ago which resulted in Kerry becoming a paraplegic spending 13 months of rehab in the Prince of Wales Spinal Unit. It is here that Kerry came to terms with a different outlook on life and got to grips with a manual wheelchair determined to remain independent with as little reliance on other people as possible. To assist Kerry in continuing to achieve this goal it was soon discussed that Kerry would benefit from a power wheelchair and this is where Kerry’s real independence started to flourish.

Kerry came back to Willaid through the NDIS after her current powered wheelchair, supplied previously by Willaid, required updating and replacing. Kerry needed a new wheelchair with more power to get around and some extra features to assist her in her every day activities. Willaid teamed up with Kerry’s Occupational Therapist and wheelchair dealer Permobil to offer the M5 Corpus – a powered chair offering some really great features, agile suspension, more speed, stronger motors, a new Permobil battery providing Kerry up to 25% greater driving distance and powerful LED lights.

Kerry has a wonderful accessible garden created lovingly by her awesome gardener Darren Adams Landscapes (seen in our photo), Kerry says “behind every woman in a wheelchair there’s a fantastic gardener”. The combination of accessible garden and correct power wheelchair has meant that Kerry can be in her happy place. Kerry is now easily able to pot her plants, grow her fruit trees and keep dishing out her garden grown chilies for us to go home with when we visit.

Being the social butterfly she is the new wheelchair battery also means that Kerry can do a lot more in the community travelling into town from her home and with new 2 x brighter LED lights on the wheelchair Kerry has no concerns about not being seen. Kerry heads to the local swimming pool regularly, does the shopping, meets her friends for coffee and takes her dogs Rolo and Chester for daily walks. What can this special lady not do!!

Kerry is the first to recognise the difficulties of adjusting to being reliant on a wheelchair for mobility however maintains her positive attitude by stating “there’s lots more to life than walking!” Kerry says she would not be able to do half the things she loves without the independence of her powered chair and explains that “having a great relationship with your healthcare mobility supplier is the key as this really does make for your best life!” So glad we could have helped Kerry, have an awesome Christmas and keep spreading your inspirational positivity! 🙂