Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca PWC

Rebecca came to Willaid through her NDIS funding after having seating difficulties with her current powered wheelchair. Rebecca who has spina bifida and pronounced kyphosis of her spine was struggling to stay seated in her current wheelchair due to discomfort in the backrest. Over time the foam inserts in Rebecca’s back rest, initially there to assist with customised support and comfort, started to disintegrate resulting in the pronounced part of Rebecca’s spine coming into contact and rubbing on the hardware of the backrest.

Rebecca is a social person and loves to be out and about with her family and friends, however due to being no longer able to spend periods of time in her wheelchair this started to significantly limit Rebecca’s social participation, in time causing a detrimental effect on Rebecca’s wellbeing. Even Rebecca’s home life was affected, Rebecca’s family resorted to a bed being available for her in the front room so that Rebecca could still be a part of family life when not being able to sustain any further time in her wheelchair and on occasions Rebecca’s discomfort was such that she required hospitalisation.

Willaid teamed up with Permobil to offer an out of the box solution for Rebecca’s situation. The current backrest was a good reminder that the standard straight up and down back rest is not always the option for everyone. Using a custom Permobil Dreamline STX back rest, a custom ROHO cushion, an ingenious piece of foam and an electric bread knife (we did say it was an out of the box solution!) we were able to create a comfortable and dynamic seating solution for Rebecca. There were other considerations, firstly the wheelchair needed to get up an extremely steep driveway (Everest gradient as described by the Occupational Therapist, he was not wrong!) so we trialed the Permobil M3 who handled Everest like a boss! The second consideration was the wheel chair NEEDED to be pink or purple….well why not have both! If you spot Rebecca out and about you will recognise her by the pink and purple flower pattern, she can’t be missed!

Mission accomplished and Rebecca, after a long time, can not only participate in all her social goings on but her family don’t have to have that bed in their front room – in Rebecca’s words “I no longer complain about back pain, this is the most comfortable I have been in years!”