New Product: Dreamline Cushions

Dreamline G3 Cushion

Our lastest featured cushion will be listed soon but for now check out the Dreamline G3 Cushion, it is a redefined gel cushion with mild contouring, designed for an active user with moderate-to-high pressure management needs. The Dreamline G3 Cushion offers the support and benefit of gel without the maintenance and potential risks of a traditional gel cushion.

-Accompanied by a Sunmate visco-elastic foam overlay
-A 4-way stretch water-resistance incontinence cover
-Outer breathable moisture wicking cover
-Includes a set of 10 Backrest Advanced Contour (BAC) pads for pelvic obliquity
-Unique and patented gel cluster packs for maximum skin protection
-60mm high contouring with reinforced inserts to bolster the pommel and lateral regions
-100% urethance foam inner (no latex).
-Modifications are available
-Max user weight: 140 kg

Update: Our Dreamline Products are now available here.