Dreamline BAC System

Dreamline BAC

Maintaining correct posture in a wheelchair is one of the key elements to achieving improvement in mobility, functional performance, increased energy efficiency and the reduced risk of long-term health issues, just to name a few.

It is important to remember the definition for ‘correct posture’ as it is individual for everyone and the wheelchair user in question. Designed to provide the highest level of adjustability, DREAMLINE Wheelchair Seating has been created to allow therapists and their clients to build without restriction. The therapist has the ability to meet the users seating needs without compromising to fit into predetermined placements, shapes, or sizes.

DREAMLINE adjustable back support systems allow a customisation like no other, ensuring a user has the correct spinal support despite their individual curves, promotes a more stable posture however they may sit and encourages increased skills like forward reaching and self-propulsion in whatever way they like to function.

Let us not forget though with every good supportive backrest comes the supportive wheelchair cushion providing comfort, appropriate posture support and the prevention of pressure injuries. DREAMLINE cushions provide further adjustability in comfort and positioning, unique curved contouring to enhance weight distribution and a distinctive overlay and cover.


This uniquely designed system takes away the limitations of working within defined spaces or pockets
creating the ultimate fit for the end user. The BAC (Backrest Advanced Contour) System can be retro fitted to
any Dreamline SUPPORT or S3 Backrest as an upgrade enabling fast and accurate asymmetrical contouring
for high needs users. The BAC System consists of multiple pads which can be layered in any position or
orientation on the backrest to match the backrest to the end user.

• Removable rigid inner shell may be slipped out and configured whilst the user remains comfortably seated

• 4-way stretch cover provides limitless build possibilities

• Positioning pads are small for better accuracy, may be rotated to any angle and positioned anywhere on the rigid inner shell

• 10 extra BAC positioning pads are supplied with each backrest and more are available upon request

For further information and options, please view the Dreamline Range Brochure.