Recliner Lift Chairs – What you need to know

ejection seat

Busting a few myths:

We have many clients that tell us that despite having great difficulty getting in and out of their current standard lounge chair, that they are holding off from getting a recliner lift chair because they believe this will weaken their leg muscles.  We know how important it is to keep your legs strong, but the aim of the lift chair is not to take that away from you but instead for those experiencing difficulty or pain to make the sit to stand more manageable.  Legs can still remain strong by ensuring that the standing lift height is at a level that still works the leg muscles but allows the user to experience less pain or difficulty.  Breathlessness is also an issue for some people trying to get in and out of the chair, so allowing standing to be more manageable from the chair numerous times during the day a lift recliner can assist the conservation of energy for all the other things that might like to be done with the rest of the day.

The other concern we hear from our clients is that when the chair lifts it is going to throw them out like a fighter pilot ejector seat!  Recliner chairs lift very slowly and gently, they are also controlled by you so whenever you want the lifting to stop take your finger off the button. It is important to trial chairs so that you get a feel for how they work, it is important when the chair is lifting that your feet are securely planted on the floor and there is no slipping of the feet, particularly on carpet.

Another myth is that recliner lift chairs can replace the use of a bed.  It is never recommended that a lift recliner take the place of a bed.  It is always important to get the majority of your sleep in a correct bed and mattress, this will assist in the long run with any back complaints or posture issues.  If you have difficulty sleeping in your bed because you like the functionality of a lift recliner chair, or you have difficulty getting in and out of your bed then it may be an electric bed that you need investing in.

General benefits of a lift recliner include:

  • Making life easier if there is pain from sitting to standing.
  • Assisting with breathlessness caused by the exertion of standing.
  • Elevating of the legs can reduce swelling and improve circulation.
  • Increased safety with transfers, getting up and down from your chair can be safer when it is at an easier and more manageable height, this can prevent falls.
  • Allows for independence to get in and out of a chair rather than getting assistance from another person which can cause injury.
  • The right fitting chair can provide better posture and comfort.
  • Multiple seating positions can help those who spend a lot of time sitting in a chair reduce the risk of pressure sores.

What to look for when choosing the right chair:

  • Comfort
  • Material that suits your lifestyle
  • Dual or single motor (Dual motor means there are 2 independent motors in the chair whereas a single motor only has one fixed action).
  • Most importantly the right fit! 

You might not know but there is quite a lot that goes into finding the correct fitting chair, come in and see us to ensure your head, neck, shoulders, hips and heels are all situated in the correct place when choosing the right chair.

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