Looking for a Father’s Day Present?

Scooters out and about

Look no further than a Mobility Scooter!

Why your loved one may appreciate a mobility scooter this Father’s Day :

Increased Independence
Particularly for those that are no longer able to drive, a scooter can be the key to access to the community, seeing friends and popping to the shops! The psychological benefits are huge when you are able to get out when and where you want.

Injury Prevention
For those with mobility difficulties, trips and falls can be a common occurrence when trying to get around. Using a scooter can help to reduce the risk of fall by allowing safe mobility and accessibility.

Easy to operate
Scooters are simple to use with few buttons and can be easily manoeuvred. They have an easy adjustable speed control and are cheap to run and charge.

Style and accessories
There are a range of designs and colours! Accessories include canopies, bags, lockable boxes, wheelie walker/rollator holders and most importantly there is an accessory for the golf clubs!

Different scooters for different needs
Whether it’s just required for travel around the local area or to get to the shops, or whether you require a scooter to fold up and put in the boot of the car, there is a scooter to suit many needs.

Please check out the range of Scooters we have here or come in store to chat to our experienced sales team. Scooters can be trialled instore or out at your home.


Just a few of our mobility scooters available