Aging in Place: Remaining at Home for longer

Home Care Packages Accepted

Many older Australians want to stay in their own home for as long as possible in their retirement years and studies have shown that this is beneficial for physical and mental health. But many have concerns about safety, getting around or other daily activities.

Willaid Healthcare Solutions have been helping Coffs Coast residents remain safe in their homes for over 25 years. Willaid delivers innovative solutions, tailored to suit people’s needs for independent living, comfort and mobility. So, when it comes to seeking expert advice on how to stay safe in your own home, the choice is logical.

Here are a few suggestions for changes to make life easier and safer to continue to live independently:

Remove tripping hazards: Loose mats and clutter are one of the main tripping hazards. Rearrange your home and cupboards to access items more comfortably. A few inexpensive investments, such as sensible footwear, grab / hand rails by stairs and rubber threshold ramps to level out uneven flooring will go a long way in ensuring that you stay on your feet.

Simple Daily living aids: Sometimes it’s the simplest small equipment solutions that can make a big difference and make every day living easier. Willaid have a huge range of daily living aids available in store. Try our popular Handybar, One Touch products or Uccello tipper kettle for example.

Bathroom Safety: Grab rails and basic shower and toilet aids will assist you to able to move around the bathroom safety and get up from a seated position with appropriate support.

Mobility: “Move it or loose it” is the old saying and a good one to remember. Join an activity group and stay active and maintain your mobility and function with Willaid Healthcare Solutions mobility aids. Their innovative range of motorised or manual mobility aids will help keep you active and independent all year round.

Furniture: Chairs with arms, height adjustable seating and lift chairs will assist a safe sit to stand transition. An adjustable bed and recliner need not be without style. Willaid’s exclusive Alivio range is a brilliant mix of style, custom comfort and modern design.

Light up your life: lighting, personal alarms and having emergency numbers handy are just a few other suggested recommendations by Occupational Therapists in addition to those above. Have an Occupational Therapist assess you in your home for safety recommendations.

Willaid welcome you to trial their showroom equipment anytime. Free tea and coffee will be served all throughout Seniors Week (25th March thru to the 3rd of April, 2022) – join us to celebrate!