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Protect-a-Limb® protects the limbs from skin tears and skin damage.

It is light in weight and yet bulky enough to protect.

Aged Care Health Professionals highly recommend Protect-a-Limb® as a truly effective means of preventing recurring skin tears, with the resultant saving to healthcare costs.

It is easy and fast to apply when compared to other methods of protection.

Light & Comfortable

  • Cool in summer / warm in winter
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Cost effective
  • Coolmax® Features
  • Dries faster than other fibres
  • Is cost effective − saving time in application
  • Gives protection against friction to vulnerable limbs
  • Aids in patient comfort
  • Wicks away moisture and prevents maceration
  • Easy to clean − can be washed as easily as a pair of socks
  • Finished to prevent fraying

Care Instructions
Short machine wash on medium cycle.
May be tumble dried warm.
Socks should be washed after each wear to maintain their shape.

Protect-a-Limb® is available in 3 different sizes:
Small Length: 40cm Circumference: 18cm – 25cm Use: arm and small leg
Medium Length: 50cm Circumference: 25cm – 40cm Use: Arm & average lower leg
Large Length: 60cm Circumference: 32cm – 44cm Use: Full leg

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