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The Kings Modular Angled Cutlery Range are standard utensils that have been angled for those with limited wrist or arm movement.

The Kings Modular Angled Cutlery Range has a wide variety of handles which are sold separately.

The knife is angled at 90 degrees and can be used as a second utensil in the double-ended handles.

The spoons and forks are at 40 degree angles and come in left and right handed options.

The Kings Modular Angled Cutlery are used with the King Cutlery Handle Range which offer a variety of handle types, for example lightweight or built up.


Description Length Weight Code
Kings Modular Angled Knife 13cm 20g
Kings Modular Angled Fork – Left 8.2cm 21g DL-K-CC-H5531L
Kings Modular Angled Fork – Right 8.2cm 21g DL-K-CC-H5531R
Kings Modular Angled Spoon – Left 8.2cm 23g DL-K-CC-H5532L
Kings Modular Angled Spoon – Right 8.2cm 23g DL-K-CC-H5532R


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