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Conni washable re-usable undergarment insert pads for men are an alternative to continence pants or disposable pads.

Both cost effective and environmentally sound.

With two styles specifically shaped for Men and Women the Conni Insert Pads offer superior fit.

Slim and light-weight with a rapidly absorbing microfibre lining, the wearer will feel dryer, faster.

The waterproof PUL laminate backing ensures fluid will not escape from the pad.

With an elastic clip strap to secure the pad in optimum position for added security.

Can be worn in regular underware or in conjunction with Conni washable undergarments for longer protection.

Supplied in a twin pack with a practical waterproof zip top bag for convenience. Simply wear a pad and carry the other.

Able to be changed when needed and sealed in the waterproof bag; handy and discreet.

Simply warm machine wash with a good quality laundry detergent.

Napisan is recommended for difficult stains or odours (do not use harsh bleach).

Conni Insert Pads dry quickly on the clothesline or on low heat in the tumble drier.

Never use fabric softners as it puts a coating on the special fibres and interferes with the pad’s absorbency.

Can also be used in conjunction with Conni Mens Kalven undergarments to increase absorbency.



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