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Conni washable and reusable incontinence pants for women. They are discreet, soft and comfortable. Womens underwear has never been so easy!

This design the Conni Ladies Classic Womens underwear is simple but feminine; using snug fitting cotton elastane which is a popular choice for all ages.

The waistline sits comfortably on the hips and the leg opening is a medium cut.

Our womens incontinence pants are designed for light incontinence.

The Conni Classic womens incontinence underwear has soft lining; is absorbent to the waistband both front and back for extra security; and features waterproof; breathable PUL so the user will not become hot or clammy.

Our Conni incontinence pants are machine washable and reusable making them cost-effective and kinder to the environment than disposables.

Our incontinence pants are available in Pink; Beige and Black

Our sizing is base on the Target Womens underwear range. The absorbent section of our  incontinence pants restricts the stretch and you may wish to purchase a size larger than your every day underwear.

Available in sizes 10 through to 26

Can also be used in conjunction with Conni Undergarment Insert Liners to increase absorbency.

Conni Womens Insert Pads – PAIR




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