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For assistance in recovery from surgery or an injury, or to protect or prevent further injury, these products will help provide a safe, quick return to an active quality lifestyle.

Cross Cut Elastic Knee Brace with Rods

Cross-Cut design elastic knee with medial & lateral side stays for extra overall support.knee brace
Anatomically shaped.
Cross-Cut design minimizes irritation & pressure behind the knee.
Sports quality lightweight elastic
Removable side stays provide extra support.
For minor knee joint strains & sprains.
Cushions against minor scrapes and bumps.
Lightweight ventilated elastic for all day comfort.
Beige colour blends well with lighter skin shades.

SML To 32 cm
MED 32 to 37 cm
LGE 37 5o 42 cm
XLG 42 to 47 cm
2XL 47 plus

Measure around the centre of the knee.


Shoulder Brace

Sports Action Thermal shoulder support for symptomatic relief of sprains, strains, bursitis & tendonitis.
Provides soft tissue support & compression.  Helps to increase elasticity of muscles, ligaments & tendons.shoulderjpg
Multi directional neoprene compression assists to reduce soft tissue swelling.  Hook/Loop tape closure allows for self application & adjustment.  Optional Stabilizer strap accessory (See N71AC)
Wear while playing sport or during recovery.  Contoured panels fit most body shapes.  Completely washable & hygienic.  Assist to prevent injury or re-injury.

XSM 80 to 90 cm
SML 90 to 100 cm
MED 100 to 110 cm
LGE 110 to 120 cm
XLG 120 to 130


Inguinal Hernia Belt

Comfortable & effective in cases of left or right sided inguinal Hernia & for operative recuperation. Removable foam pads can be adjusted to suit left or right side. Made of lightweight material construction & assists to inhibit skin irritation. The belt can be worn whilst showering or swimming. In cases of post operative recovery it is recommended to remove both padsHernia belt

SML 75 TO 85 CM
MED 85 TO 95 CM
LGE 95 TO 105 CM
XLG 105 TO 115 CM



Elastic Thumb SplintThumb wrist splint

For treatment of sprains & strains of the metacarpal joint.

Designed to limit thumb movement.  Tabs facilitate a less painful application over tender hands.  2 interchangeable splints. (1 rigid & 1 pliable stay).  Alternated between the 2 at different stages of an injury.  Easy to apply.  Designed for pain-free application.

SML To 16.5 cm
MED 16.5 to 19 cm
LGE 19 to 21.5 cm
XLG 22+

Measure around the centre of the wrist.


Sacro Cynch Elastic Back Support

back-supportLightweight ELASTIC lower back support . Worn with confidence at WORK, SPORT or HOME. Outer straps deliver firm compression & support.
Cool, breathable, lightweight lycra.  Orthopaedic elastic construction.  5 Medical support stays.  DUAL layer closures.  Outer straps deliver firm, powerful support.  Comfortable in warmer climates.
Ideal for DRIVERS or anyone using the brace for extended periods.  Can be worn under clothing with confidence.  Fully washable.

SML 60 to 80 cm
REG/MED 67 to 105 cm
LGE 90 to 132 cm
XLG 115 to 150 cm


Ankle Brace

Adjustable side closure allow for a better fit before and after swelling reduces.  Figure 8 spiral-lift orthopaedic elastic design.  Adjustable opening allows easier application onto swollen ankles.  Suitable support for strains/sprains.  Fits easily into footwear.  Easy and painless application over swollen ankles.  Provide orthopaedic elastic support and comfortAnkle

SML to 45 cm
MED 45 to 50 cm
LGE 50 to 55 cm
XLG 55 plus



Maternity Support Belt

Maternity support beltProvides relief from lower back pain & discomfort during pregnancy.  Multi-layered soft laminate fabric.  Abdominal lift panel provides lift without pressure.  Expands to accommodate various stages of pregnancy.  Encourage correct posture to relieve stress on the lower back, caused by misalignment of the spine.  Inconspicuous.  Latex free ventilated elastic provides comfortable & cool support compression.  Adjustable.

Abdominal Binder

Use after childbirth.  Up to 26cm width.  Useful in cases of sagging abdomen & after surgery.  abdominal binderSuitable to use for hiatal hernias.  Greatly improves body shape.  Adjustable.  White blends well with lighter skin shades.  Breathable fabric for maximum all day comfort.

SML 75-85 cm
MED 85-95 cm
LGE 95-105 cm
XLG 105-115 cm
XXL 115-127 cm

Slip-On Thigh Supportthigh support

Multi purpose slip-on elastic thigh support.  for strains & sprained muscles, ligament & for hamstring pulls.  Anatomically shaped.  Provides compression with orthopaedic support.  Sports quality lightweight ventilated cotton elastic.  For minor knee joint strains & sprains.  Cushions against minor scrapes and bumps.  Ideal for attaching a hot or cold pack over the thigh.  Beige colour blends well.

SML to 44 cm
MED 44 to 50 cm
LGE 50 to 56 cm
XLG 56 Plus

Posture Improver

A lightweight posture improvement device designed to assist with  ‘Round Shoulder’ Syndrome.  Unrestricted movement. Posture improver2 Easily self applied.  The brace achieves a subtle effect in that the patient can still round the shoulders, although when they relax they are pulled back into an improved posture position.  Unique brushed elastic with ‘cotton-wool’ feel.  Feel great over bare skin.  All day comfort.  Washable and hygienic.

SML TO 60 cm
MED 61 to 85 cm
LGE 86 to 100 cm
XLG 101 to 120 cm
2XL 121 +

Strap Arm Sling  strap arm sling

Supports the arm during recuperation from broken bones, sprains & general injury.  Anatomically shape.  Adjustable buckle.  Strap facilitates arm positioning.  Lightweight fabric.  Fits left or right arm.

SML To 127 cm
REG 128 to 164 cm
XLG 164 to 203 cm

Pouch Arm Sling

Supports the arm during recuperation from broken bones, sprains & general injury.  Anatomically shaped.  Adjustable buckle.  Strap & pouch facilitates arm positioning.  Lightweight vented fabric.  Fits left or right arm. pouch arm sling

SML To 127 cm
REG 128 to 164 cm
XLG 164 to 203 cm

Elbow Sleeve

Basic tubular elastic support sock to help ease painful, injured elbows.  Multi purpose tubular compression support.  Provides low compression & minimal support.  For minor elbow joint strains & sprains.  Lightweight ventilated elastic for all day comfort.  Beige colour blends well with lighter skin shades.  Breathable fabric for maximum comfort. elbow sleeve

SML 20 to 25 cm
MED 25 to 28 cm
LGE 28 to 30 cm
XLG 30 +





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