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For assistance in recovery from surgery or an injury, or to protect or prevent further injury, these products will help provide a safe, quick return to an active quality lifestyle.

Shoulder Brace

Sports Action Thermal shoulder support for symptomatic relief of sprains, strains, bursitis & tendonitis.

Provides soft tissue support & compression.

Helps to increase elasticity of muscles, ligaments & tendons.

Multi directional neoprene compression assists to reduce soft tissue swelling.

Hook/Loop tape closure allows for self application & adjustment.

Optional Stabilizer strap accessory.

Wear while playing sport or during recovery.

Contoured panels fit most body shapes.

Completely washable & hygienic.

Assist to prevent injury or re-injury.


XSM 80 to 90 cm
SML 90 to 100 cm
MED 100 to 110 cm
LGE 110 to 120 cm
XLG 120 to 130


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