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“I purchased a preloved PEGASUS scooter with rear bag for $3,000 from you on 6th November last year (which you very kindly brought to Grafton for me). I am writing to tell you what a wonderful piece of machinery it is. It is manoeuvrable, powerful and enjoyable to drive. I especially like the useful blinker lights and hand brake. I had the beep, beep reverse sound removed as it was too noisy in the shopping aisles.

I travel many kilometres on my scooter as my licence was revoked due to my ill health.

If you ever need me to endorse one of these scooters for you, I would be more than happy to speak to the buyer.”

Mrs Heather Hall

Mrs Heather Hall

The donation of a new wheelchair (via lucky door prize), is very gratefully received by the patients and staff of the MNNCI. We are very fortunate to have generous businesses such as yours support our work. The wheelchair has been clearly marked as MNCCI property and is currently in use throughout the building.

Thank you again for the donation; it is greatly appreciated.

Jill Harrington, NUM Mid North Coast Cancer Institute

Jill Harrington

Earlier this year I was scheduled for a knee replacement. Not knowing what lay ahead, I called into Willaid one day to see what they had available that would aid in my recovery. The staff were very helpful in offering what I would possibly need. I was able to hire everything on a ‘Need to’ basis, meaning I could return when no longer required. Many other items I was able to purchase at affordable prices.

Jenny Smith

I recently bought from you, a Peak Carbon fibre rollator and am delighted with my purchase. I have just returned from a week long Bravo Cruise (cruise of the performing arts) on board the Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas and found my rollator very useful and easy to use on board ship. It drew a lot of attention from other passengers too, many of whom stopped to find out more about my appliance and I was happy to demonstrate how light and agile it was.

I think you (or other distributors) will be getting quite a few new orders! It would certainly be a very good place to showcase this product in the future as the majority of passengers were of an age where they may need to consider mobility help in the foreseeable future – some asked about it for the parents too!.

This lightweight rollator has been very good for me and I will continue to recommend it to anyone interested.

 Yours faithfully

 Jane Sommerfield


Jane Sommerfield




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